Tricked Ignition

This is what the ignition looks like after being modified to look like the pre-1983 wiring. The solid-state ignition module is located under the washer reservoir.

A length of wire must be added to extend the violet wire from the distributor to the ignition module.

The distributor vacuum advance hose is moved from manifold vacuum to ported vacuum. You should add a tee here, since ported vacuum also operates the EGR valve.

The stepper motor on the Carter BBD is unplugged. The metering pins should be moved forward to the full-rich position before unplugging it. To accomplish this, and assuming the stepper motor is working to begin with:

  1. Create an air leak somewhere by unplugging a vacuum line. The metering pins should move forward to the full-rich position.
  2. Turn the engine off.
  3. Unplug the stepper motor.
Modified Ignition